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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 605 – Spreading Her Buttocks Wide Open vegetable ready
“Heavens!” Su Liqing cried out loud from surprise. “T-This is simply the idea?!”
She imagined her b.you.t.thole was going to damage in half just now, feeling unbearable soreness from this.
“Ahhh!” Su Liqing m.o.a.ned loudly, and she could actually feel her b.u.t.thole slowly scattering broadly.
“Then let’s release it up a few more with just the tip…”
“Okay…” Su Liqing nodded her go, entrusting her b.u.t.thole to him.
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She considered her b.u.t.thole would rip in two just now, feeling excruciating discomfort as a result.
“Haaa… haaa…” Su Liqing collapsed for the bed afterward with serious panting.
“Then let’s release it up more with only the tip…”
Su Liqing silently stared at Su Yang having a somewhat dazed concept.
“It will eventually hurt in the beginning, but once the golf hole actually starts to distribute and release alone, you might experience only enjoyment afterward.”
Hearing her thoughts, Su Yang replied by pus.h.i.+ng his shaft greater into her slim hole— until his total rod inside her tunnel, emotion his shaft remaining tightly squeezed by her insides.
“I-It’s probably going to be uncomfortable?” Su Liqing inquired him which has a stressed expression.
“Then let’s loosen it some more with just the tip…”
And she carried on, “You could start moving. I can go through it.”
Her body suddenly trembled violently, and her top cave gushed with Yin Qi, immersing your bed.
“Heavens!” Su Liqing cried out loud from impact. “T-This is merely the idea?!”
“A-Have you been sure…? You won’t feel I’m unusual?” she required him again in case.
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‘Is it even going to suit within?’ she shown to themselves.
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“Do you really enjoy it?” he questioned her.
“It will damage at the start, but when the pit actually starts to distribute and release on its own, you can sense only satisfaction after.”
And every time Su Yang migrated his h.i.p.s, her entry cave would drool with Yin Qi, ahead of leaks down her upper thighs.
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“Is…Can it be all inside however?” Su Liqing expected him a minute down the road.
“F-Ignore some tips i mentioned just now! I used to be only joking—” she thought to him a minute later on.
‘Oh no! I spoke too hastily just now! Can you imagine if he thinks about me as some peculiar young lady now?!’ she cried inwardly, sensing the impulse to jump in to a pit.
‘Is it even gonna fit inside?’ she believed to themselves.
“Heavens!” Su Liqing cried out noisy from impact. “T-This is just the word of advice?!”